Open Mic Talk & Rock Show 0.2

Ek Sakha provides the platform to get your magic spell grab the mic and capture the world. Our words are the most powerful weapon which has the capability to either ruin or to construct a new world.

Report of the event



Ek Sakha Social Welfare society 



Name of the event





5:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Himansh (The treat house)

Organised by

Ek Sakha Social welfare society

Number of participants


Best performer

1.Animesh sharma

2.Atul rai

3.Yash gujarati

Target people of the event

Target people are the youth of the town

Report of the event


EK SAKHA team organized the event OPEN MIC to provide the platform to the youth to show their talent,perform accordingly on their matter of interest.the contestant performedthe following:- guitar, singing, poetry,mimcriy.the participant and the audience contributed immensely and further the distribution of the certificate was done.


The event got started by the Anchor Surbhi sharma . she focused the attention of the audience by playing various games and asking quiz and giving them gifts.

Meaning while the team of the EK SAKHA gave certificate to the owner of the restaurant.

Management team member:-

1.Pratibha waiker

2.Shubham chaurasia

3.Surbhi Sharma

4.Shubham rai

5.Pallavi sharma




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